Facility Management

savconfForum Services has 30 years of cumulative experience in facility management. Formed in 2001, Forum currently manages over 400,000 square feet of government buildings. 336,000 square feet of that is for the Department of Family and Children Services (DFCS). We successfully meet the needs of high-use public facilities.

Our services begin with a thorough inspection of all existing systems and equipment, maintenance records, and repair history throughout the complex. Inspections include working with our customer’s representative to go over all the warranty information and to get a list of all the current vendors. Inspections of equipment and systems are done with selected vendors who specialize in the particular equipment or system. From the inspections, a comprehensive list of recommended maintenance or repair requirements is generated. This process brings the facility up to an optimal operating condition, and allows Forum to put together a comprehensive Preventive Maintenance Plan.

Our Fundamental Principals

Vendor Management deals largely with preventative maintenance and major repairs. Forum understands a building is a system and within that system, there are many sub-systems (e.g., elevators, HVAC, life/safety, to name a few). These sub-systems are best maintained by individuals and/or organizations that are experts. Using experts ensures sub-systems are properly maintained and repaired and that liabilities are minimized. We also rely on expert vendors to make repairs that are outside the scope of the facility manager’s skill set. Preventative maintenance and repair services represent a considerable on-going expense, but a robust preventative maintenance and repair program is far less expensive than neglect.

For each of our facilities, we establish a calendar to ensure our buildings’ sub-systems are routinely inspected and serviced. Inspections are conducted daily and are recorded on our inspection checklist. Our Facility Managers and Technicians are required to be “out and about” in the facilities they manage. Only by “walking around” are they able to identify problems before they become major.

savcubiclesClient Communication is key to assuring a quality facility management operation. Our goal is to manage a facility in such a way that workers and their customers do not “notice the building.” That is, workers and customers can do what they are paid to do without the distractions a poorly maintained building can create. By the same token, if a worker or customer notices a problem, they will have the means to communicate the problem to our on-site manager so the problem can be immediately addressed. To that end, Forum Management Services equips its facility management personnel with cell phones/radios, text messaging, and email capability allowing instant access to the on-site manager for routine, non-routine, special and emergency services.